Write 3 Minutes of Comedy in 3 Hours
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Monti aka Fong Muntoh is the founder of this community and workshop. He has been a comedian and entertainer since 1989 (jurassic age)

Together with his comedy partner Logi he has written over 40 comedies, each 90 minutes, and has performed in corporate events and theatres in Malaysia as well, as Hong Kong, UK, Singapore and Indonesia.

He is currently Asia’s only comedy writing facilitator, mentor, coach and guru who runs the workshop on a twice monthly basis. The focus of the workshop is to help comedians and would-be comedians to write their own material and a panel of experience comedians will help in the evaluation of performances and delivery of the material.

The results of each workshop are very encouraging with 60 percent of people attending his workshop walked away with at least 3 minutes of stand up comedy material in 3 hours, which otherwise will take months or years to write.

Come and join us!!!!

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